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In our research we have found that individuals who are assigned responsibility to lead a team are excited and confused about it! Many a time reason is that they are happy and excited to lead a team, but they are not knowing what exactly is expected out of them and this causes anxiety and, in some cases, raises self-doubt. The root cause is that the manager feels that he is expected to do so many things, but there is no appropriate development that s/he has been taken thru.
The best way to address this situation is to develop these leads/managers proactively so that they are prepared to take up the role and execute it in an effective manner.
Our Perfect Manager program is designed for those who have taken up the new role and are wanting to learn the right skills to excel in their career. This program is also suitable for existing managers. We have designed this program after having numerous interactions with Leads and managers as well as their supervisors. Here is a list of what we captured during our discussions.
Key expectations from managers include:
While the above is commonly known, how many of you as managers have been developed to dispense this responsibility proactively? Well, the answer is not a complete 100%.

Our program

We offer Perfect Manager program, which has been designed after years of research and implementation with multiple organizations covering more than 1000+ managers/leaders. This program is designed to develop a manager in 3 key areas namely Lead Self, Lead Teams, and Lead Business

This is a modular program and is well paced out to ensure that there is enough opportunity for learning and application.  Program modules include the following:

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