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Know my personal story

Individuals need help!

My father was an entrepreneur and had been one all the while. We had a Service Center where we would repair Electronic items. He was very hard working and committed to quality of work. He would not mind investing hours together just to ensure his clients are happy and satisfied with our services. Right from travelling to work, talking to customers and providing them services his commitment was always visible. However, we were unable to sustain our business beyond a point. As he aged, we had to conclude our business activities and eventually shut it down.
While I was young, I saw him struggle with many facets of business namely positioning, planning of activities, having a team, marketing, sales, pricing etc…. but at that age (I was 14 then) it was difficult for me to comprehend his problems and offer any help that he would have required. Our family morally supported all he did, however we ran into financial problems regularly. I would wish only if there was a way to help him out and take the our business to the next level.
Being with him, I learnt some servicing techniques and started helping him in his business from the age of 14. Inspite of lot of hard work and patience that he demonstrated, our business would have sudden up and downs and that caused lot of stress at home as it had financial implications too.
When I started going to college and later started working, I observed how my own organization and business heads would manage their bit and started acquiring a lot of knowledge around marketing, sales, operations etc…
The thought at the back of my mind was that these skills can be learnt and I can apply it back in our business, so that we can run and grow our business. But time had some other plans, he left for his heavenly abode when I was 36 and still working. This is a point in my life where I felt helpless and also had guilt that I could not help my father. This laid a foundation in me that I can share my knowledge and experiences with other Entrepreneurs who would be having capabilities like my father , but want help and guidance so that they can setup, stabilise and grow their business. Through my venture, I have started helping other entrepreneurs with tools and techniques to establish, sustain and run their businesses, so that they can contribute to our country by creating employment, making investments and also supporting their family financially and otherwise.