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Design Thinking – An Innovation approach

Design Thinking – An Innovation approach What is Design Thinking? It is an approach to innovation that combines creativity with the ability to make things happen for the better. It’s really not about design; it’s about human-centered design in order to solve problems. Design and technology companies are famous for using design thinking like Apple, […]

Manage closely or from a distance!

In many of my mid and senior leadership interactions, I have repeatedly come across this question about when to manage closely and when to manage from distance? Well, in my opinion the answer is — it depends on the situation and your leadership style. All leaders encounter different situations and challenges on a regular basis. Each situation […]

Manager as a Nucleus of Employee Engagement

In this note, I have tried to highlight and explain importance of people managers and how they contribute in culture building as well as employee engagement for the organization. I have focused on Manager as a role and it refers to anyone who manages a group of people either directly or indirectly.   #managerial #manager #engagement Manager as […]

Conducting Effective Conversations

Effective Conversations whether you are having a small conversation with your friend or sealing big corporate deals in your career, the art of productive conversation is executive expertise that cannot be overlooked. Effective communication involves the exchange of information, thoughts, and ideas between two people or groups. However, a conversation is deemed unsuccessful if both […]